In a Dozen Interviews, Media Never Bothered Asking President Trump About Climate Change

3 June 2017 — FAIR

Bloomberg: Trump's Big Paris Mistake Media outlets like Bloomberg shamefully abandoned questions about humanity’s greatest threat.

President Donald Trump’s disastrous withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Change Accord understandably has the media in a frenzy. “Unconscionable and fatuous,” proclaimed The Economist (6/1/17). Trump “shamefully abandons the fight against humanity’s greatest threat,” wrote Bloomberg News (6/1/17). But when given the opportunity over the past four months of his presidency to ask Trump a question on climate change, no outlet has bothered to bring up the topic at all.

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Video: Theresa May in Election Jitters Caught Lying About Tory Plans to Cut The National Health Service

2 June 2017 — TRNN

Kam Sandhu of Real Media says there is evidence that Tories plan to sell off assets to service NHS; this is the first sign of distress and it will lead to privatization

Kam Sandhu is a journalist and the co-founder of the UK-based Real Media. (inc. transcript.)

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