ICH Headlines 19 June 2017

19 June 2017 — Information Clearing House

US Shoots Down Syrian Government Aircraft

By Peter Symonds

The Syrian army said the US is “coordinating” with ISIS.

U.S. Attack Fails To Disrupt Push To Deir Ezzor

By Moon Of Alabama

U.S.attacked the Syrian jet in support of Islamic State forces.

US Intervention in Syria at Crossroads

By Daniel Lazare

The U.S. has stumbled into a trap in the Syrian desert.

Israel Giving Secret Aid To Syrian “Rebels” : Wall Street Journal

By Elad Benari

Israel has been supplying Syrian “rebels” with cash, food, fuel and medical supplies.

Qatar, The Mouse That Roared

By Eric Margolis

Here in a nutshell is what’s happening.

How Hillary Clinton May Find Her Way to Jail

By Ekaterina Blinova

Clinton may find herself behind bars sooner than anyone expects.

John Pilger; The Age of Media Mass Deception


Pilger on the state of the press today.

Why Mainstream Media Represents the View of Billionaires

By WashingtonsBlog

Here’s a look at some of the billionaires who own news media in the US.

We Can’t Fight Climate Change if We Keep Lying to Ourselves

By Chris Hedges

It is comforting to to foster false hopes and fool ourselves.

Watch – The Putin Interviews

UPDATED June 19, 2017- Video

Oliver Stone Interview With Vladimir Putin.