NHS Cuts: The Worst Winter in Recent History!

22 September 2017 — 38 Degrees

The “worst winter in recent history”- that’s what hospital chiefs have said could be the reality for our NHS unless it gets the funding it needs, fast. [1] It’d mean overcrowded A&Es and long waits in hospital corridors because there’s not enough beds.

Right now, the Chancellor Philip Hammond MP is asking for ideas about where the government should spend its money over the next year. [2] The deadline is today. [3] A huge petition, signed by all of us, will show him that the public want the NHS to be at the top of his list.

Will you sign the emergency petition demanding more money for our NHS now? It’ll be delivered tonight, so please sign your name now:


Last winter, NHS services across the country hit breaking point. Several patients died in A&E, stuck on hospital trolleys. They were desperately ill, but left waiting for hours in the corridor. There just weren’t enough beds for them.

This year might be even worse. Experts say that increased demand, not enough doctors and nurses, and lack of funding means that some parts of the NHS might not be able to provide safe care this winter. [5] Unless the NHS gets extra cash, patients could face longer waiting times, shortages of emergency nurses and doctors, and overcrowded wards. [6]

It’d be easy for Philip Hammond to brush off one person demanding more money for the NHS. But a huge petition, signed by all of us, will be harder to ignore.

So, William, will you add your name to the emergency petition before the deadline? SIGN THE PETITION

Thanks for being involved,

Holly, Trish, Blanche, Cathy and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Telegraph: NHS faces ‘worst winter in recent history’ without £350m emergency bailout, warn hospital chiefs:
[2] Philip Hammond is the Chancellor of the Exchequer so it’s his job to rubber stamp where funding is spent, and he will announce it as part of the ‘Autumn Statement’ in November:
The Independent: Autumn Budget 2017 date revealed by Chancellor Philip Hammond as November 22:
[3] Gov.uk: Guidance for submitting your Budget representation:
[4] The Guardian: Three patients die at Worcestershire hospital amongst NHS winter crisis:
The Guardian: ‘It was manic’: patients describe meltdown at Worcestershire hospital:
[5] Huffington Post: Jeremy Hunt Has Admitted The NHS Needs More Money As It Faces ‘Very Challenging’ Winter Pressures:
[6] ITV: NHS ‘needs major cash boost’ to cope with winter:

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