Lest we forget: yesterday alone, 44 airstrikes were conducted by US-led coalition military forces

29 September 2017 — Drone Wars

Airwars is a collaborative, not-for-personal-profit project tracking and archiving the international air war against so-called Islamic State and other groups in Iraq, Syria and Libya. As nine Coalition nations are bombing in Syria alone – along with the air forces of Russia, Iran, Israel and the Assad regime – there is a pressing public interest need for independent, trustworthy assessments. As we explain more fully in our methodology, in addition to tracking the strikes we also seek to assess – and where possible follow up on – credible allegations of civilian casualties. Part of our data is drawn from the US, allied and Russian militaries, which is then cross-referenced against claims by local monitoring groups, media and social media of civilians reported killed.

Overview: https://airwars.org

Airwars reports news from the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR), composed of U.S. military and Coalition forces, with a large contribution by  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: “On Sept. 27, Coalition military forces conducted 44 strikes consisting of 66 engagements against ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq”.

In Syria, Coalition military forces conducted 35 strikes consisting of 39 engagements against ISIS targets.

  • On Sept. 26, near Raqqah, Syria, seven strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed 16 VBIEDs, three vehicles, two ISIS supply routes, a fighting position and suppressed two fighting positions.
  • Near Dayr Az Zawr, two strikes destroyed four ISIS supply routes and an ISIS headquarters.
  • Near Raqqah, 33 strikes engaged 10 ISIS tactical units and destroyed 23 fighting positions, a vehicle, and an ISIS headquarters; and suppressed three ISIS tactical units.

In Iraq, Coalition military forces conducted nine strikes consisting of 27 engagements against ISIS targets.

  • Near Al Qaim, three strikes destroyed two weapons caches and an ISIS headquarters.
  • Near Huwijah, four strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed six vehicles, an ISIS-held building, a command and control node, an ISIS staging area and a VBIED.
  • Near Ramadi, two strikes engaged two ISIS tactical units and destroyed six tactical vehicles and two vehicles.
  • Additionally, eight strikes consisting of 10 engagements were conducted in Syria and Iraq on Sept. 26 that closed within the last 24 hours.
  • On Sept. 26, near Huwijah, Iraq, one strike destroyed 60 vehicles.’

Airwars is entirely funded by philanthropic organisations, along with significant pro bono contributions from our volunteers. Thanks to generous funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust we employ a part-time specialist in Iraq to monitor the Coalition air campaign, as well as a part-time Syria analyst based in the UK. Funding from the Open Society Foundations allows us to employ a full time US-based investigative reporter and a UK-based Syria researcher, along with a part time London-based web and data producer. Our director is jointly funded by JRCT and OSF.

Source: https://dronewarfare.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/lest-we-forget-yesterday-alone-44-airstrikes-were-conducted-by-us-led-coalition-military-forces/

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