Stop Internet Censorship! KIll the Link Tax! Make the Call to your MEP Now!

2 November 2017 — OpenMedia

It’s our last chance to get the MEPs responsible for protecting our civil liberties to hear your voice on dangerous Internet censorship proposals.

Call your MEP now, before Monday’s crucial vote!

I know it can be scary to make calls. But the good news is that MEPs work for you! There’s no responsibility on you to be an expert, or to have all the answers. Just passing on your views is enough.

They need to hear from you, not from big media lobbyists.

All you need to do is call your MEP’s office and tell them that you are against Article 11 (Link Tax) and Article 13 (Content Censorship) of the proposed copyright legislation.

P.S. For more details, check out the previous email below.

Next week, MEPs on the European Parliament’s powerful Civil Liberties committee will vote on whether to approve the Link Tax and mass content filtering. With your help we’ve been relentlessly fighting to put a stop to this disastrous duo of copyright policy, and this is what all that pressure and hard work comes down to.

Let’s be clear: these proposals are abusing copyright to censor the Internet. Backed by powerful publishing lobbyists and unelected European Commissioners,[1] they include sweeping powers for media giants to charge fees for links, and requirements that websites build censorship machines to monitor and block your content.[2]

But with the help of tens of thousands of EU citizens, we’ve made clear to the European Parliament just how dangerous and unpopular these censorship proposals really are. Now they could be ditched altogether — but we need your help to drive the message home.

Can you call your MEP right now and tell them to vote against these proposals?

We know that phone calls are by far the most effective way of making change — hearing their constituents’ voices is the thing most likely to influence your MEP in the run-up to next week’s crucial vote.[3]

Our powerful new tool has tips and helpful talking points to make your short call as easy as possible — and every single phone call will take us one step closer to finally winning this campaign.

Tell your MEP to vote no to the Link Tax and no to Internet Censorship machines.

You are part of a united front of academics, small publishers, innovators, librarians, researchers and thousands of everyday Internet users, all of whom agree that the Commission’s plans will cause irreparable damage to our fundamental rights, free expression and access to information.

And our message is hitting home: recently an explosive new leak revealed that several EU member states are now asking serious questions about the proposed law.[4]

Your constant pressure has helped raise doubt with top decision-makers. And now MEPs have the chance to kill this bad plan for once and for all — but first they need to hear from you.

Click to call your MEP today, William. Together, we will Save the Link.

With thanks,

Ruth, on behalf of the OpenMedia team

[1] European Commission’s proposed new rights for press publishers is mired in controversy Source:
[2] EU Moves One Step Closer to World’s Worst Internet Filtering Law. Source: European Digital Rights
[3] Here’s Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators. Source: The New York Times
[4] EU states raise questions about how new copyright law would be at odds with fundamental rights. Source: OpenMedia

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