Universal Credit: Sign the Petition!

20 November 2017 — 38 Degrees

This is terrible: thousands of people could be left penniless this Christmas, all because of an admin error with the benefit system called Universal Credit. It could mean families up and down the country going without the money they need to pay their rent or buy food – let alone celebrate Christmas. [1]

The government is already under pressure to fix this fast. It’s splashed all over the news. [3] What’s missing is a huge public outcry to make sure families get what they need before Christmas comes round.

That’s where we come in. If thousands of us sign an emergency petition today, it could be enough to make sure the government fixes this error fast. Together we could make sure that families on low incomes get the money they need to get by this Christmas.

Will you add your name to the emergency petition now? It only takes 30 seconds:SIGN THE PETITION

Mistakes like this aren’t usually put under the public spotlight, but they affect thousands of people. For families receiving Universal Credit, the payment isn’t an added luxury – it’s essential money that means they don’t have to choose between food shopping and putting the heating on when it’s freezing outside. [4]

But because December paydates are different to the rest of the year, thousands of people won’t get Universal Credit payments they are entitled to until January. For lots of people, that could mean they won’t have enough cash to afford basic presents or a warm dinner. [5]

If enough of us get involved, we can make sure this error is fixed before December. If thousands of us sign the emergency petition today, it will be delivered straight to the government this week. But we need to act fast. Please can you add your name now?


Thanks for all you do,

Zoë, Bex, Laura and the 38 Degrees team.

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[2] See note 1
[3] The Telegraph: Thousands of people on universal credit will not receive a payment at Christmas:
[4] Universal credit is a new benefit for working-age people, replacing six benefits and merging them into one payment.
BBC News: What is universal credit – and what’s the problem:
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