Rishi Sunak’s planned cut to benefits is much bigger than Osborne’s in 2015

6 October 2020 — True Publica
Rishi Sunak’s planned cut to benefits is much bigger than Osborne’s in 2015

By Torsten Bell, Karl Handscomb and Adam Corlett: Back in 2015, 3.3 million working families were on track to lose an average of over £1,000 a year from the following April. As Figure 1 shows, today, the income of roughly twice as many families is at risk, with 6 million households (containing 12 million adults and 6 million children) set to have their income reduced by £20 a week from April 2021. This is principally because this time the cut will affect all recipients of Universal Credit or tax credits, whether they are working or not. The planned cut by Rishi Sunak, at around £8 billion, is therefore over twice as big as the £3.4 billion George Osborne intended (£3.7 billion in 2021-22 money). Continue reading

British government reimposes welfare benefits sanctions as pandemic continues and unemployment rockets

6 July 2020 — WSWS

By Simon Whelan

In March, the Johnson government announced that those receiving welfare benefits including Universal Credit (UC) would not be sanctioned as they normally would if they failed to look for work or otherwise fulfilled their benefit conditionality.

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Johnson to ‘seize NHS’ in bid to further privatisation ready for Brexit

22 April 2020 — True Publica

Johnson to 'seize NHS' in bid to further privatisation ready for Brexit

By TruePublica Editor: There is a point when you read something and realise that all is lost. One Nation Conservatism is dead – they are no longer a centre-right political party but little more than a death cult. Their policies since arriving back into power after the Blair years has taken them back to a time which no longer has a place in any modern society – but here they are.

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Cruel Brittannia – The Road To Ruin

30 August 2019 — True Publica

By Graham Vanbergen: Britain is, as I have said so many times now, circling the plughole. It’s becoming so … American isn’t it. Corrupt self-serving politicians in bed with bankers and hedge funds are driving the country towards the abyss. And all the indicators for a fully functioning democracy and the society its serves continues to decline. Today, it’s all have’s and have not’s and life has become, well, rather tribal.

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Universal Credit : The state and the BBC secretly collude in propaganda campaign

20 May 2019 — True Publica

Universal Credit : The state and the BBC secretly collude in propaganda campaign

By TruePublica Editor: There is an extraordinary story published in The Guardian that, in my opinion, was not prominently positioned – with its opening explainer stating: “A leaked memo shows that the Department for Work and Pensions is about to embark on a PR campaign to defend its worst ever policy.”

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