Military Escalation in Syria. Israel’s Expansion? Selected Articles

1 May 2018 — Global Research

Aggression on Syrian Sites Prelude to Something More Serious?

By Stephen Lendman, May 01, 2018

Israel refused to comment on the Sunday strikes. They came ahead of Netanyahu’s Monday announcement about Iran’s nuclear program, discussed in a same-day article.

Netanyahu’s Anti-Iranian Reality-TV Show

By Dr. Ludwig Watzal, May 01, 2018

What Netanyahu didn’t achieve with President Obama seems more than likely under the Trump presidency, to drag the United States of America into another major war for the sake of Israel. Instead of bragging about Iran’s non-existent nuclear arsenal, the U. S., the European states, and the IAEA should demand the inspection of Israel’s substantial atomic weapons stockpile and its massive stock of biochemical weapons. The world should no longer accept to be jerked around by Netanyahu.

Israel’s Legislature Votes War Against Syria

By Eric Zuesse, May 01, 2018

On May 1st, Al Masdar News headlined “Netanyahu is granted the ability to wage war without the Knesset”, and reported that Israel’s Knesset or legislature had voted late on Monday night April 30th, to hand entirely to the far-right Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to his extremely far-right Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman the decision as to whether or when to invade any country — the main actual target is Syria, but Iran and Lebanon are also in Israel’s gunsights.

The Syrian Crisis Escalates. U.S. Hegemony and Israel’s Expansion

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, May 01, 2018

Israel’s ability to use the US government to eliminate foes in the Middle East that are obstacles to Israel’s expansion. Israel has Syria and Iran targeted, because the two governments supply the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which has twice driven Israel out of Israel’s attempted occupation of southern Lebanon, whose water resources Israel covets.

Imperial Road to Conquest: Peace and Disarmament Agreements

By Prof. James Petras, May 01, 2018

The strategic goal is disarmament in order to facilitate military and political intervention leading up to and beyond defeat, occupation, regime change; the impositions of a‘client regime’ to facilitate the pillage of economic resources and the securing of military bases, international alignment with the US empire and a military springboard for further conquests against neighbors and independent adversaries.

Mass Hysteria Grips the United Nations Security Council: Russophobia Is a Dangerous Psychosis

By Carla Stea, May 01, 2018

Aside from the UK’s heinous record, during centuries, for the most horrendous human rights abuses inflicted on their colonial subjects, throughout the British empire, the scandalous contemporary record of the USA in the use of assassinations of foreign leaders, and their subjects would consume a vast library.

Twin Kabul Bombings: A Dark and Saddening Day in the History of Journalism

By Masud Wadan, May 01, 2018

The Afghan nation is doomed to suffer. The people of Afghanistan are denied the “right to peace in their country”; meanwhile they are denied the right  to organize any demonstrate [against their government and the US-NATO occupation], they are forced to endure a deliberate state of unemployment They are the victims of capitalism and imperialism. They are the unspoken victims of both US-NATO hegemony as well as economic warfare.

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