Iran News Links 2-5 May 2018

5 May 2018 —

5 May 2018

Iran’s Rouhani condemns court order to block Telegram app

Syria News Links 2-5 May 2018

Saint Nick of Armenia: how protest leader Nikol Pashinyan “rescued” Armenia and made it merry

Deconstructing Netanyahu’s Fake News on Iran

Zarif: U.S. must accept consequences if nuclear deal is ditched

Ayatollah Khamenei calls U.S. Treasury ‘economic war room’

How bullying Iran could backfire for Trump

Netanyahu Makes A Case For The JCPOA

Can Europe safeguard Iran nuclear deal?

Analysis of West’s Military Aggression against Syria

US special forces operations in Yemen presage wider regional war

Can Iraq Balance Relations With Both Saudi Arabia and its Arch-Rival Iran?

From Beirut to Baghdad: Elections, Iran and the Future of the Middle East

Iraq election takes place amid hopeful signs

4 May 2018

Iran aims to control strategic mountain in Iraq

Netanyahu’s Iran speech for an audience of two

Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran

What’s dividing the PMU in Iraq’s election?

Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader

Hiwa K: on the road, from Iraq to Germany

Iran’s Influence in Iraq: Hegemony Through Powerful Militias

Iran Isn’t Violating the JCPOA Nuclear Agreement — America Is

What’s The Meaning Of Morocco Cutting Off Ties With Iran?

Telegram shutdown sparks anger in Iran

Netanyahu’s Iran Speech in Context: Irony, Hypocrisy and the Undeclared Hijacking of U.S. Foreign Policy

Europe’s Balancing Act on the Nuclear Deal: Wooing Trump Without Losing Iran

War on Iran Coming?

Javad Zarif: Iran won’t be bullied to renegotiate nuclear deal

Trump “All but Decided to Withdraw” from Iran Deal as IAEA Refutes Netanyahu Speech

Western Aggression and the Complicity of the Corporate Media

Iran’s envoy, Iraq’s KDP chief meet

UN chief says Trump scrapping Iran nuclear deal risks war: ‘I see a very dangerous position’

A Macron Deal to Fix Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Accused of Providing Support to 9/11 Al Qaeda Operatives: US Judge Orders Tehran to Pay Billions to Families of 9/11 Victims

More people with UK links arrested in Iran

Macron’s Travels in Trumpland

OPINION: Trump and Netanyahu, the Con Artists Cooking Up Cataclysmic Conflict With Iran

Iran denies Moroccan accusations of supporting Polisario Front

3 May 2018

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel has come into direct confrontation with Iran

Israel Tries to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal with Cartoonish Netanyahu Speech

Eurasia torn between war and peace

Iran’s Secret Nukes? Scaremongering Netanyahu Strikes Again

Netanyahu: The Dangerous Prankster

Fmr IAEA Inspector: Netanyahu’s Cartoons About Iran’s Nuclear Program are ‘Baseless and Childish’

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