Washington’s War on Western Minds: Selected Articles

4 May 2018 — Global Research

What’s Washington Really Doing in Armenia? Color Revolution against Moscow?

By F. William Engdahl, May 04, 2018

There has been considerable speculation in recent days as to whether the recent and ongoing protests across former Soviet Armenia constitute another Washington Color Revolution destabilization or whether it represents simply the angry revolt of citizens fed up with the deep corruption and lack of economic development under the regime of Prime Minister Serzh Sargysan.

Trump’s Phony Trade War

By Dr. Jack Rasmus, May 03, 2018

Trump announced his 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs in early March, getting the attention of the US press with his typical Trump bombast, off-the-wall tweets and extremist statements. The steel-aluminum tariffs were originally to apply worldwide. But the exemptions began almost immediately.  In fact, all US major trading partners were quickly suspended from the tariffs—except for China.

Has Critical Thinking Become Extinct? Washington’s War on Western Minds

By Mark Taliano, May 03, 2018

The late Zbigniew Brzezinski was an architect in the use of fanatical terrorists to invade and destroy countries.  Washington used the tactic in Afghanistan, and Washington is still using so-called “jihadi” terrorists to destroy non-compliant countries.  Washington has been destroying Syria with these anti-democratic,  extremely misogynist, cult-intoxicated “Wahhabi” terrorists for over seven years now.

The Koreas Unified and at Peace? – How About Syria, Iran and Venezuela?

By Peter Koenig, May 03, 2018

Peace – in the Koreas, is what the world expects; and Peace in the world is what humanity expects, the vast majority – 99.9% of the world population wants peace, but it’s the 0.1% that commands war and destruction, since war and destruction is what runs the western economy.

North and South Korea: A Handshake that Shook the World

By Prof. Joseph H. Chung, May 03, 2018

One of the memorable events of the Summit of Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un was the unexpected impact of the historical handshake between the two leaders. Many would agree with me that the Kim-Moon handshake shook the world. But I am asking this: “Did the handshake make the summit a success?”

Video: The North-South Korean Peace Agreement. Michel Chossudovsky

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Michael Welch, May 02, 2018

In a special breaking report for GRTV, Professor Michel Chossudovsky comments on the significance of this meeting, coming as it does weeks before another expected meeting between the North Korean leader and US President Trump.

Japan to Build Roads Out of Radioactive Fukushima Dirt

By Vicki Batts, May 04, 2018

Even in 2017, the amount of radiation being produced by the damaged reactors was lethal. In spite of the obvious risk, Japanese government officials are now looking to make use of the radioactive Fukushima — by using dirt from the site to build new roads.

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