Oliver North’s Checkered Iran-Contra Record

16 May 2018 — National Security Archive

Pattern of Deception and Questionable Judgment Highlighted by Declassified Documents

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 628

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Olly northWashington, D.C., May 16, 2018 – Oliver North’s conduct during the infamous Iran-Contra affair featured a pattern of deliberate deception, a willingness to cooperate with known drug dealers, and according to some colleagues a propensity for flawed judgment, a review of declassified documents and sworn testimony shows.

North himself has admitted under oath to most of the actions, decisions, and falsehoods that prompted widespread condemnation of his behavior in the wake of the scandal. Declassified documents – a representative sampling of which are reposted here today – provide further, contemporaneous evidence, often written in his own words.


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