Iran News Links 24-25 May 2018

25 May 2018 —

Nuclear Chutzpah

Iranian Canadian Congress: ‘Canada must defend the Iran Nuclear Deal’

Video: Gina Haspel to Head the CIA, a GRTV interview with Ray McGovern

A war-promoting hydra

24 May 2018

Iran’s Push for Influence Meets Resistance in Iraq and Syria

Turkey’s snap elections: a level playing field?

Putin, Macron discuss US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

The China-Iran Rail Corridor Must Include Uzbekistan to be Successful

Will Europe Stand Up to American Pressure?

Iran and Pompeo’s 12-Point Ludicrous Wish List – Empire’s End of the Rope?

The U.S. and Israel Are Marching towards War with Iran

Afghanistan And Iraq At Risk Of Being Caught Up In Web Of US Sanctions Aimed At Iran

Iran “Blackmailing” Europe Plays Right into Trump’s Hands. Tehran’s “Five Counter-Demands”

Washington’s Sabotage of Russian Diplomacy. Putin’s Peace Efforts Are Coming to Naught

Putin, Macron begin talks on SPIEF-2018 sidelines

Former US enemy in Iraq is now potential ally against Iran

Former US enemy in Iraq is now potential ally against Iran

“Skirmishes”: Israel’s Syria Blitz

Will Europe stand up to American Pressure?

Rosgeo inks agreement with Iran on hydrocarbons exploration in Caspian Sea

Lukoil rethinking Iran risks but unfazed by Iraq election uncertainty

Iran’s supreme leader lists demands for staying in nuclear deal

Macron In Russia For Talks With Putin On Syria, Ukraine, Iran

Crib Notes on Late Capitalism

The Trump White House is a Chaotic Clown Car Filled with Bozos Who Think They’re Brilliant

Iran and Pompeo’s 12-Point Ludicrous Wish List – Empire’s End of the Rope?

Iran announces seven conditions for Europe to preserve nuclear deal — TV

Pompeo’s Outrageous Speech on Iran

Bernie Sanders defends American imperialism at town hall on Iran

US Secretary of State Pompeo presents war ultimatum to Iran

Supreme leader: Europe must follow demands or deal’s off

Gaza killings are rending the Jewish community

Media Lens: ‘Skirmishes’ – Israel’s Syria Blitz

Defense ministers of post-Soviet security bloc discuss Iran-US relations

Hezbollah strengthens influence in Lebanon parliament

Putin and Macron to discuss Iran, Ukraine, Syria during SPIEF

Why Did the US Sabotage President Putin’s Peace Plan for Syria?

Why Pompeo’s Speech on Iran Is Outrageous

‘Skirmishes’ – Israel’s Syria Blitz

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