Global Breaking News on GMOs and Pesticides 30 August 2018: Monsanto/Bayer/Agent Orange

30 August 2018 — Sustainable Pulse

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Are Banned Drugs in Your Meat?

Ketamine – a hallucinogenic party drug and experimental antidepressant. Phenylbutazone – an anti-inflammatory deemed too risky for human use. Chloramphenicol – a powerful antibiotic linked to potentially deadly anemia. All these drugs are prohibited in beef, poultry, and pork consumed in the U.S. Yet government data obtained by Consumer Reports suggest that trace amounts of […]

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General Mills Removes ‘100% Natural’ Label from Nature Valley Granola Bars after Glyphosate Lawsuit

Three U.S. NGOs jointly announced Thursday that they have resolved a consumer-protection action filed by the groups against General Mills in 2016, concerning General Mills’ labeling of its Nature Valley Granola Bars as “Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats.” The complaint stated that the granola bars, which carry the label “Made with 100% Natural Whole […]

Vietnam Set to Increase Legal Pressure on Monsanto for Millions of Agent Orange Victims

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry has stated that they will re-visit legal channels in an attempt to receive damages for over one million people, from a group of chemical companies including Monsanto and Dow Chemical, which produced the deadly herbicide Agent Orange for the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The Foreign Ministry announcement came as a […]

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St Vincent and the Grenadines Government Suspends Imports of Glyphosate Herbicides over Health Fears

The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has placed an immediate suspension on the importation of herbicides that contain the active ingredient glyphosate, following the landmark Roundup cancer trial verdict in San Francisco two weeks ago. Source: Acting on the advice of the Pesticides Board, the government said glyphosate is found in pesticides such as RoundUp, […]

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