COLDTYPE Issue 167 September 2018 – is now on line

4 September 218 — Coldtype

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THE RIGHT TO DISAPPEAR: We all love instant access
to information, but there are many people who would like to be anonymous, free from search engines and snoopers. Tough luck! Private investigator Judith Coburn explains, in this issue’s cover story, why there’s no escape from prying eyes. In other stories, Jonathan Cook finds links between claims that UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic with Israeli ‘dirty tricks’ departments, Lee Camp tells how to create a coup for fun and profit; CJ Hopkins wonders what happened to those Nazis who planned a march on Washington, and Linh Dinh goes home to Vietnam. Our big photo story this issue features Jackie Sloan’s images of Omagh, a small town that was bombed 20 years ago right at the end of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. We’ve also got Yvonne Ridley on Netanyahu’s terror links, George Monbioton obesity, Trevor Grundy on strong men, Steven Feldsteinon Zimbabwe’s election, Yves Engler on Canada’s spat with Saudi Arabia, Ramzy Baroud on Gaza, Sam Pizzigati on greedy CEOs, William Blum on the media, and John Dunn on the Battle of Orgreave.

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