COLDTYPE Issue 168 Mid-September 2018 – is now on line

14 September 2018COLDTYPE

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STOCK MARKET BLUES: The global financial system is a ticking time bomb that’s about to explode, writes Chris Hedges in this issue’s main story. Lee Camp backs-ups that claim with his assertion that the stock market is another Ponzi scheme that’s geared to grab the sucker’s – that’s you – money and run off with it. In other main stories, Jonathan Cook tells how the Israel lobby’s attacks on UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbynare about to backfire; Conn Hallinan find countries in Asia and the Middle East that are moving away from the USA’s dominance; CJ Hopkins takes a satirical look at the Putin-Nazi paranoia that is infesting Western media; Aram Sinnreichexamines the legacy of rock giants Led Zeppelin; George Monbiot scoffs at the idea of coffee cups made of corn starch; and Rebecca Gordon tells how America’s psychologists have taken a positive stand on torture. Plus we’ve got articles byYves Engler, David Cromwell, Ray McGovern, Granville Williams, Jim Hightower; and Insights from Pepe Escobar, Brian Terrell, Trevor Grundy and Alison Weir . . .

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