Syria News Links 13 September 2018

13 September 2018 — William Bowles

Turkey deploys reinforcements to Syrian border

Leave Syria the Hell Alone by David Swanson

They Came for Alex Jones, Then for Russian Cable News RT and Syrian TV. Going to War with Russia, Syria, Iran?

EXCLUSIVE: UK arms sales controls are a ‘bad joke’ and ‘dangerous for democracy’ says MP on oversight committee

The Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit on Syria. Towards Multi-Polar Geopolitical Alliances

Russian, Israeli top security officials discuss situation in Middle East, Syria

Two Thirds of “Progressive” Democratic Congressional Candidates Completely Silent on Foreign Policy

Video: Militants Filming Staged Chemical Attack in Idlib? According to Idlib Inhabitants

Washington’s policies in Syria lead world towards edge of the abyss, says diplomat

Diplomat warns terrorists gearing up for long-term defensive in Syria’s Idlib

Lights, Camera, Action, False Flag in Syria

Syria – Turkish Tantrum Delays Liberation Of Idleb

Experience of military operations in Syria was used at Vostok-2018 drills, says commander

Tucker Carlson Tells Truth About Syria – Crosses Trump

The U.S.-Turkey Stand-off in Context

Doctrines of Impunity: John Bolton and the ICC

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