COLDTYPE Issue 169 October 2018 – is now on line

5 October 2018 — Coldtype

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THE ROAD TO ANNIHILATION: We have three stories in this month’s top feature: Frida Berrigan shares a mother’s fears for her child’s future, Philip Giraldi tells how the US is bullying its way to the nuclear precipice, and Chellis Glendinning delivers a chilling tale of a soldier’s misery after his exposure to a nuclear blast. In our second front-page feature, CJ Hopkins looks at the problems with the political Left’s attitude to its working class brothers and sisters, whom it often seems to despise more than its natural enemies on the Right. Other main stories include Norman Solomon’s discussion of a French TV series that exposes our narrow definitions of good and evil, while George Monbiot tells a story of confusion inside the UK’s wildlife protection agency, and William Blum is critical of newspaper fact checkers who get their facts wrong. We’ve also got photo stories on recession-era photography in the US, and of a photographer who was sacked for exhibiting his photographs taken during a protest in New Zealand. Plus the latest on Jeremy Corbyn, and much more . . .

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