William Blum Needs Your Help!

26 October 2018 — Anti-Empire Report

I just got a very distressing email from Bill Blum’s former wife detailing an awful fall he sustained at home that left him immobolised for perhaps 2 days before being discovered by a friend!  I wish him a speedy recovery but he needs your help with his medical expenses! Here’s the note I received:

I’m writing to you in place of William Blum. I’m his friend, his ex-wife, and the mother of his son, who lives in Germany.

He will not be able to write his Anti-Empire Report.

He had a very bad fall in his apartment. There he lay for many hours, maybe up to two days, unable to move, until a friend found him.

He was taken to the ICU. He is no longer in critical condition, but he is still confused, extremely weak, and can’t move his right arm.

He has been in the hospital for more than two weeks now, and it is impossible to say how much longer he has to stay there, and he will certainly need long-term care.

As you may guess, he does not have the best of insurances. Which means: he needs your help!

If you wish, you can donate to Bill using the button below:


Adelheid Zöfel
Literary Translator
Freiburg, Germany

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