Black Agenda Report 9 November 2018: The Most Important Mid-Term Election of Our Lives? Not Really; Corporate Dems VS the Monster They Empowered; Black People Need Birthright Citizens

9 November 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Was This Really The Most Important Mid-Term Election of Our Lives? Maybe Not.

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor Every two years we hear it’s the most important election of our lifetimes. Some know better. Some tell us this because their careers depend on it. But for the rest of us, what IS the truth.

Midterm Elections: Corporate Democrats Versus the Monster They Empowered

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editorOnly transformational programs, like single payer health care, can erode the coherence of the White Supremacist Bloc, and at the same time galvanize the numeric majority of the nation.

Freedom Rider: Black People Need Birthright Citizenship

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnistIf white nationalists are allowed to abolish birthright citizenship, they will immediately move to de-Americanize as many Blacks as possible, for criminal convictions or poverty.

On Rage, Reading Books, and Other Necessities for the “Millennial Generation”

– Danny Haiphong , BAR contributorYoung people in the US are increasingly open to socialism and radical ideas, but less likely to study the science of revolutionary change.

 Et tu, RT? Amplifying Western Disinformation on Rwanda

Ann Garrison, BAR contributorThe Great Lie about the Rwandan bloodbath opened the door to a far larger genocide in Congo and justified US military interventions all over the place…

 HBCU Scandals Don’t Die, They Multiply

Dominica Dunbar DessalinesHBCU scandals don’t die, they multiply like like vultures stalking a child starving child. Pretending they represent autonomous Black institutions, independent values, and cooperative development, they are, on the contrary, an embarrassment in how they wield respectability politics to discipline Black youth for purported future success.

 This Isn’t the First Time White Supremacists Have Tried to Cancel Birthright Citizenship

Nina WallaceTrump’s assault on birthright citizenship is yet another attempt to make the US a “White Man’s Country, and threatens all people of color.

 Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 5, 2018

Hosted by Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford Click the link above to hear the entire one hour show, or any of the four links below to hear the individual segments thereof

White Supremacists Wage Race War The armed White Power movement has shifted, since the Vietnam War era, from “earlier incarnations of the Ku Klux Klan to a much more coordinated, militarized form with international connections. Solitary Confinement As a Tool of Political Oppression Since at least the 1950s, prison officials have used solitary confinement as a political tool against Black inmates, said Brittany Friedman of Rutgers University Real Prison Reform Requires Constitutional Revision Kyle Fraser, Black Agenda Radio producerEliminating the portion of the 13thAmendment to the US Constitution that allow enslavement of prisoners is central to prison reform, said prison abolitionist and spoken word artist Max Parthas

 Back to the Dark Ages

Jeremy KuzmarovRussiagate is an invented hysteria, a psy-op and propaganda operation that distorts the political realities of both Russia and the US.

BAR Book Forum: Tracy Sharpley-Whiting’s “Bricktop’s Paris“ and Magdalena J. Zaborowska’s “Me and My House”

Roberto Sirvent, BAR Book Forum Editor Our authors explore the Black experience in Europe, past and present, and mine the deep reservoir of wisdom that is James Baldwin.

Jahan Choudhry BAR Comments Editor

Letters from Our Readers

This week’s articles got passions flowing on the subject of electoral politics in a duopoly arena.

 Glen Ford on Chris Hedges On Contact: The Con of Diversity

Chris Hedges Diversity is little more than black faces in high places, not the goal of radical transformation that puts power in the hands of ordinary people.

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