Google absorbs subsidiary with access to NHS patient data

15 November 2018 — True Publica
Google absorbs subsidiary with access to NHS patient dataTruePublica Editor: American behemoths such as Google, Facebook and other transnational corporations are now so big that ethics plays second fiddle to profit and legislators feel somehow emasculated to act in the public interest. Revolving doors obviously plays a role in the cesspit of modern day politics. These transnationals are breaking all the rules where anarchy by the rich and powerful is endemic to civil society.

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Black Agenda Report for November 15, 2018: Count Every Vote; Ruling Class War Games; Legacy of 1918; War Party Rules

15 November 2018 — Black Agenda Report

Ruling Class War Games at the White House 

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
The White House press corps, like the corporate media in general, are foot soldiers in a wider conflict between sections of the ruling oligarchy: Trump versus anti-Trump.
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Britain: the Brexit bombshell By Rob Sewell

15 November 2018 — In Defence of Marxism

Image: Socialist Appeal

Finally, after months of fraught negotiations, the UK-EU negotiators have come up with a proposed deal. Written on the side, however, are instructions: light the blue touchpaper and stand well clear. All hell is about to break loose. From the point of view of big business, the draft deal is not too bad, tying the British economy to Europe. But for Tory Brexiteers, in particular, the deal is toxic.

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Washington Going after the Dismemberment of the EU? By Grete Mautner

15 November 2018 — NEO

As evidenced by the actions of the sitting American president Donald Trump, the whole system of international relations is getting revamped by Washington, and the Western world is going to take a major hit in the process. Among the reasons why this is happening one can mention the failure of the Western world to satisfy Washington’s rapidly growing appetite. All this has resulted in Donald Trump trying to ensure that he forces as many concessions out of the European Union and other European bodies.

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National Defense Strategy Commission Report Advises Trump To Boost Military Budget To Solve Problems Faced By US Armed Forces

15 November 2018 — South Front

US military superiority “has eroded to a dangerous degree,” with “grave and lasting” consequences unless Washington undertakes swift action to reverse the adverse effect by increasing the Pentagon’s funding, according to a new reported ordered by the Congress.

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America Has No Peace Movement – Blame the ‘White Supremacists’ By Philip M. Giraldi

15 November 2018 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The United States of America has no peace movement even though the country has been mired in unwinnable wars since 2001 and opinion polls suggest that there is only lukewarm support among the public for what is taking place in Afghanistan and Syria. This is in part due to the fact that today’s corporate media virtually functions as a branch of government, which some might refer to as the Ministry of Lies, and it is disinclined to report on just how dystopic American foreign and national security policy has become. This leaves the public in the dark and allows the continued worldwide blundering by the US military to fly under the radar.

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