You Can Always Tell By S.Artesian

21 November 2018 — Anti-Capital

Leading indicator:  Here’s how you know when an upturn in the economy is beyond its peak, has run its course; that the wolf at the door is actually a bear; that it’s time to head for the exits before they get nailed shut; that the next big thing in this world of, by, and for investors will be options on canned goods and shotguns.  Simple.  Somebody who everybody thinks should know better gets in front of a microphone or phones, a camera or cameras and says something like “This time is different,”  something like “This time the good times don’t have to end.”

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A Strategy of War Crimes, Killing Civilians to Win a War – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (10/12

21 November 2018 — TRNN

General Curtis LaMay, who directed the firebombing and nuclear attacks on Japan said, “War is killing people, when you kill enough of them, the other guy quits” – quotes Daniel Ellsberg on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay (inc. transcript).

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Gaza as Israel’s Military Training Ground: Selected Stories

21 November 2018 — Global Research

U.S Green Party Urges International Criminal Court to Prosecute Israel for Crimes Against Palestinians

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese

Members of the delegation understand they have a responsibility to act and to educate others in the United States about the truth of the violent Israeli occupation of Palestine and apartheid state. Read more…

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Terror from the far right in the Weimar Republic By Barbara Manthe

21 November 2018 — Open Democracy

The approval and performance of politically-motivated violence has been a core element of fascist or antisemitic activism for a century.

German Democratic Republic stamp commemorating the murders of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg, 1949. Wikicommons. Some rights reserved.

This month, the German public not only commemorated the centenary of World War One’s conclusion on 11/11, but also the foundation of the first democratic system on German territory – the Weimar Republic – which was proclaimed two days earlier, on 9 November, 1918. This republic only existed for a bit more than fourteen years and was threatened by radical right violence and terror from the very beginning, to which it ultimately succumbed.

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New maps of land destruction show why caravans flee Central America

20 November 2018 — Climate & Capitalism

Detailed maps show worldwide land degradation, including the deforestation that is now forcing migrants to leave Guatemala and Honduras

A new map developed at the University of Cincinnati illustrates one motivating force behind migrant caravans leaving Guatemala and Honduras to reach the United States.

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President Trump’s Presidency: Results and Perspectives

20 November 2018 — James Petras
Introduction: We need an objective evaluation of the President’s foreign and domestic polices – the means, the goals, their results and consequences. The Trump performance requires we discuss the style and substance of foreign and domestic policies.

We will ignore the fly swatting by Trump critics who ply peripheral issues – the state investigation of the fading Russian conspiracy tales— and focus on strategic issues that purport to transform global economic, political and social relations.

Trumps Presidency.pdf

UN says millions in Britain deliberately plunged into “great misery” By Robert Stevens

21 November 2018 — WSWS

The report on poverty and human rights in Britain by United Nations Special Rapporteur Philip Alston is an extraordinary depiction of the social catastrophe devastating the working class.

For years, the special rapporteur only investigated “developing” countries such as China, Ghana and Mauritania, where “extreme poverty” is endemic.

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City of London Corporation reneges on its social housing pledge By Charles Hixson

21 November 2018 — WSWS

The City of London Corporation announced in 2015 that they would build 3,700 new council homes by 2025. So far just 62 have been built!

The London Evening Standard reported that only 900 structures, less than a fourth of the goal, would be completed by 2025. This projection, quietly released in Corporation documents over the summer, has been blamed on red tape.

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The Global Rise of Fascism: Capitalism End Game? By Gilbert Mercier

20 November 2018 — Dissident Voice

Photo from the archives of Torbak Hopper

It is everywhere. In a few years, it has metastasized like a cancer, on all continents. Its fervent proponents and ill-informed supporters call it populism or nationalism. In the Italy, Germany, or Spain of the 1930s, however, this ideology of exclusion and fear, defined by a hatred of the other, together with a tyrannical executive power, was called by its proper name: fascism. Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany and Franco in Spain were the bloodthirsty tenors of capitalism’s symphony orchestra, singing the deadly opera quietly conducted by the military-industrial complex. When the fascism-induced collective psychosis was put to an end in 1945 by Russia and the Western allies, between 68 and 80 million people had been slaughtered worldwide.
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“Macron is the president of the rich”: “Yellow Vest” protesters speak out

20 November 2018 — WSWS

By our reporters

On Monday, the powerful protests in France against inequality and government austerity continued in numerous regions across the country. Tens of thousands of participants in the “Yellow Vest” demonstrations maintained roadblocks and barricades. Traffic was heavily affected in the major cities. Bordeaux was practically brought to a standstill throughout the morning, and numerous important highways were blocked off.

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