How Google Wipes Palestine Off the Map By Asa Winstanley

31 October 2018 — Middle East Monitor

Google’s dedication to Israel’s occupation can be seen in its maps and its refusal to recognise the reality of Israel’s apartheid system for Palestinians

Like the other Silicon Valley monopolies, Google habitually takes the side of Israeli occupation and war crimes in Palestine – the very term Palestine is not used by their highly influential maps app.

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Pipe Bombs: Frantic Denunciations of the False Flag Concept By Prof. Graeme McQueen

1 November 2018 — Global Research

Onto the 24-hour reality show that is U.S. politics, 15 package bombs recently made their entrance.

The devices were sent to vocal opponents of Mr. Trump, most of them prominent members of the Democratic Party.  The incident became public on October 25, less than two weeks before the November 6 elections that mark the middle of Trump’s first term.

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Black Agenda Report 31 October 2018: How Stupid Does Stacey Abrams Think We Are? The Fake Resistance, and American Terror an Old Story

31 October 2018 — Black Agenda Report

How Stupid Do Stacey Abrams, Lucy McBath and Most Other Progressive Democrat Congressional Candidates Think We Are? 

– Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
Stacey Abrams wants to be governor today, president tomorrow, and thinks showing up unapologetically black like Condoleezza Rice and Loretta Lynch before is quite enough. It’s not.

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Bolsonaro: A Monster Engineered by Our Media By Jonathan Cook

31 October 2018 — Global Research
With Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil’s presidential election at the weekend, the doom-mongers among western elites are out in force once again. His success, like Donald Trump’s, has confirmed a long-held prejudice: that the people cannot be trusted; that, when empowered, they behave like a mob driven by primitive urges; that the unwashed masses now threaten to bring down the carefully constructed walls of civilisation.

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