Black Agenda Report 22 November 2018: House Dem Leaders Shun Medicare For All; RussiaGate is a Fool’s Game; The Amazon Robbery, #Protect Mueller is Liberal Fascism

22 November 2018 — Black Agenda Report

New Democratic House Leaders Steer Clear of Medicare For All 

– Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor
Unlike Republicans who repealed Obamacare 54 times when they held only the House, Democrats have no spirit to fight, to create persuasive theater, unless it benefits their campaign investors

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IRR News (8 – 21 November)

22 November 2018 — Institute of Race Relations

Weekly Digest – Against Racism, for Social Justice

As we document in our calendar of racism and resistance, the last few weeks have been momentous for campaigners; with dedicated work achieving significant gains. Not only has the government announced that Campsfield House immigration removal centre in Oxfordshire will close down, but an inquiry into the Gangs Matrix carried out by the Information Commissioner has resulted in an enforcement notice, for breaches of data protection, against the Metropolitan police. Campaigners on both issues have vowed to continue, to end all immigration detention, on the one hand, and to ensure that the racially discriminatory Gangs Matrix, is scrapped, on the other.

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Trump Claims He Knows “Nothing” About the Julian Assange He Cited Hundreds of Times During in His Campaign By Whitney Webb

22 November 2018 — Mintpress

Footage of Trump mentioning WikiLeaks and its releases over 140 times in October 2016 alone has since resurfaced, suggesting that Trump’s recent claims of ignorance in regard to Assange and WikiLeaks are insincere at best.

President Donald Trump told a reporter outside the White House on Tuesday that he doesn’t “know anything” about WikiLeaks founder and former editor Julian Assange, whose political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London is believed to be under threat largely from pressure by the U.S. government.

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The specter of Marx haunts the American ruling class By Barry Grey

6 November 2018 — WSWS

White House report on socialism

Last month, the Council of Economic Advisers, an agency of the Trump White House, released an extraordinary report titled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.” The report begins with the statement: “Coincident with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse. Detailed policy proposals from self-declared socialists are gaining support in Congress and among much of the younger electorate.”

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Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) 18-21 November 2018

22 November 2018 — PCHR

 (14 – 21 November 2018)

  • Israeli Forces Killed a Fisherman in the Northern Gaza Strip
  • Israeli forces continued to use excessive force against unarmed civilians and peaceful protestors in the Gaza Strip

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Assange’s Persecution Highlights Dangers to the Freedom of Speech and Free Media By Philip M. Giraldi

22 November 2018 — Strategic Culture Foundation

If you are a journalist and you discover something that is clearly unethical, and possibly even illegal, and you choose to report it what happens next? Well, you could win a Pulitzer Prize or, on the other hand, you might wind up hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for six years.

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State control and repression of dissent in Britain through legislation and policing methods By Sarah Pickard

21 November 2018 — Open Democracy

There has been a move towards tougher legislation, ambiguous terminology, lower thresholds and legislation allowing police greater rights, together with an escalation of militaristic forms of policing in recent years.

lead lead

Sarah Pickard, National Union of Students march, London, 2012. All rights reserved.

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US used misinformation, intimidation to secure OPCW vote it sought, says envoy

21 November 2018 — TASS

There is also a “group of supporting nations”, Alexander Shulgin said

THE HAGUE, November 21. /TASS/. The United States engaged in a campaign of misinformation and intimidation of small nations to secure the result it needed in the vote on financing an OPCW attribution mechanism, Russian Permanent Representative to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin told journalists on Wednesday.

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