IRR News (25 October – 8 November)

8 November 2018 — IRR

Institute of Race Relations weekly digest – Against Racism, for Social Justice

Testimonies to the London hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, held at Friends House on 3 and 4 November, revealed the workings of the hostile environment – in health and education, in policing and detention – and some of the inspiring acts of resistance and solidarity they have evoked. But they also described the struggles against exploitation and rightlessness at work in the global north, where migrants treated as no more than units of labour perform the hard, heavy and exhausting work – in warehouses, agriculture, hospitality, care and domestic work – that cannot be outsourced to the global south, often in conditions akin to modern slavery. We await the final verdict of the Tribunal, which together with the evidence, will be posted on the website of the PPT London hearing.

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100 Years Ago: Commemorating Victory in the “Great War”. “Stirring the War Drums for the Next Big War” By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel

8 November 2018 — Global Research

Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918.

On November 11, 100 years ago, the First World War ended. At glamorous commemorative events, Western leaders will shed thick crocodile tears over the “twentieth-century catastrophe.”

However, this does not stop them from stirring the war drums for the next big war on behalf of the ruling elite at the same time: The US-led Nato exercises in Norway near the Russian border with 50,000 soldiers from 31 countries ever before the “emergency”, the two Great powers, Instead of “kneeling down” on the occasion of this centenary of the million victims of the largest military conflict in world history to date, the leading Western elite seeks sole world domination and gigantic war profits.

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Bayer says cancer victims are “Nuisances”

8 November 2018 — Organic Bytes

Pesky Cancer Victims?
red and white bottle of Monsantos Roundup herbicide on a store shelfThere are about 8,700 lawsuits pending against Monsanto, by people who allege that exposure to Roundup weedkiller is responsible for their cancer.

Most of the people behind these lawsuits have stories not unlike the one told by Dewayne Johnson, during his landmark jury trial which resulted in a unanimous decision against Monsanto.

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Media Lens: How To Be A Reliable ‘Mainstream’ Journalist

8 November 2018 — Media Lens

There are certain rules you need to follow as a journalist if you are going to demonstrate to your editors, and the media owners who employ you, that you can be trusted.

For example, if you write about US-Iran relations, you need to ensure that your history book starts in 1979. That was the year Iranian students started a 444-day occupation of the US embassy in Tehran. This was the event that ‘led to four decades of mutual hostility’, according to BBC News. On no account should you dwell on the CIA-led coup in 1953 that overthrew the democratically-elected Iranian leader, Mohammad Mossadegh. Even better if you just omit any mention of this.

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Modern slave ships overfish the oceans

7 November 2018 — Climate & Capitalism

Hundreds of fishermen, mostly from Myanmar and Thailand, were rescued from a remote Indonesian island in 2015 after they were found to be working in slavery-like conditions for Thai fishing company Pusaka Benjina Resources.

‘Seafood caught illegally or under conditions of modern slavery is laundered by mixing it with legally caught fish before it enters the supply chain.’

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Residents oppose official cover-up of Grenfell fire toxic contamination By Barry Mason

8 November 2018 — WSWS

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, along with concerned local residents, have demanded answers as to why no action has been taken over soil sample tests showing levels of toxicity in the vicinity of the inferno.

The tests, conducted by toxicology expert Professor Anna Stec, indicated potentially carcinogenic chemicals, which could have long-term health consequences. Stec had independently undertaken the tests, responding to concerns of survivors and residents.

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European Parliament Group Finds Pesticides in Hair Samples Across Europe

8 November 2018 — Sustainable Pulse

The Greens / European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament released the results Wednesday of a unique long-term exposure pesticide testing project, initiated by The Detox Project and Kudzu Science.

148 hair samples were collected from six EU countries: Germany, Denmark, Wales, Italy, France and Belgium between the end of July and October 2018. The samples were then analysed for a selection of 30 pesticides including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.