The Discovery That Should Have Changed the Cold War – Daniel Ellsberg on RAI (9/12)

19 November 2018 — TRNN

In 1958 President Kennedy claimed there was a “missile gap”, saying the USSR was far ahead in ICBM weapons; when satellite photos showed the astounding true number, it meant the USSR did not have plans for global domination, but it remained a secret, says Daniel Ellsberg on Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay

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GMO Propaganda and Neoliberalism vs Localisation and Agroecology By Colin Todhunter

19 November 2018 — Global Research

What people communicate is a matter of choice. But what can be more revealing are the issues they choose to avoid. There are certain prominent pro-GMO activists who describe themselves as ‘science communicators’. They hit out at those who question their views or who have valid criticisms of GM technology and then play the role of persecuted victim, believing that, as the self-appointed arbiters of righteousness, they are beyond reproach, although given their duplicity nothing could be further from the truth.

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Make no mistake, Netanyahu is not a man of peace By Jonathan Cook

18 November 2018 — Jonathan Cook

While hardline nationalists make political capital by publicly demanding an attack on Gaza, Israel’s prime minister is opting to keep Palestinians there voiceless and isolated

The National – 18 November 2018

Palestinians in Gaza should have been able to breathe a sigh of relief last week, as precarious ceasefire talks survived a two-day-long, heavy exchange of strikes that threatened to unleash yet another large-scale military assault by Israel.

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The only answer to Brexit is the United Socialist States of Europe By Chris Marsden

19 November 2018 — WSWS

The factional warfare over Brexit within Britain’s ruling elite is at fever pitch. Amid warnings of a crisis dwarfing Suez in 1956, threatening to permanently unravel the UK’s relations with Europe, advanced preparations are being made by the police, army and secret services for a national emergency.

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Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford: Gerald Horne on the New McCarthyism; You Can’t Trust Amazon: Liberation Muslim Theology

18 November 2018 — Black Agenda Report

“New McCarthyism” Targets China-Invested Firms 

One result of the “mania of bipartisanship” that followed the midterm elections — “Democrats and Republicans joining hands” — is a campaign to target China, said Dr. Gerald Horne.
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