COLDTYPE Issue 176 Mid-Jan 2018 – is now on line

23 January 2019 — Coldtype

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THE BIG ISSUE: Brexit has dominated politics in the UK for the two years. Now, as Theresa May stumbles from crisis to crisis, Kit Knightly wonders how long the beleaguered PM can survive. Her saviour, it seems, is Jeremy Corbyn! In other top stories, Nai Barghouti tells of her encounter with an Israeli airport official, Tom Engelhardt checks to see if Donald Trump is an asteroid, Denis Beckett pays tribute to a thief and car salesman, and Lee Camp shows how we can stop the corporate pillage of the State. We’ve also got eight pages on the photographic legacy of Martin Jenkinson, who captured the drama and detail of working class life in the North of England, and superb articles by Sian Norris, Ramzy Baroud, Tim Knight, Caitlin Johnstone, Chris Hedges,  George Monbiot, Thomas S. Harrington, Betsy Karel, Jill Richardson and Trevor Grundy.

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