Venezuela Newslinks 10-11 February 2019

11 February 2019 19:16 — The New Dark Age

Due to duplication, there may be some cross-posting.

Podcast Ep 2: How Israel helps Latin American death squads

Making Globalism Great Again

An open letter to the people of the U.S.A. from President Nicolás Maduro

Reporter’s Diary from Venezuela

In Venezuela, White Supremacy is Key to Trump’s Coup By Greg Palast

Brazil’s Workers Party (PT) Praises Imperialist Officials and Brazilian Military Involved in Venezuela Regime Change Operation

A Short Guide for Canadian Anti-Imperialists on the Current Crisis in Venezuela

Black Working Class Will Never Abandon Venezuela!

Pompeo Attempts to Link Iran, Hezbollah to Crisis in Venezuela

Grand Theft Venezuela, Stealing a Nation: Financial Warfare Precipitates Economic Collapse

British Military Presence Near Venezuela ‘Extremely Concerning’

The Planning of a Coup against Venezuela: Chile, September 11, 1973: The Ingredients of a Military Coup. The Imposition of a Neoliberal Agenda

How the Media Manufactures Consent for Regime Change in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Myth by Ellen Brown

Venezuela Coverage and Analysis

Blood for Oil in Venezuela?

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