Haiti Whistleblower Says Jovenel Moise and Michel Martelly are Drug Dealers, Thugs, Thieves and Murderers

15 February 2019 — HLLN

Former enforcer turned whistleblower, Jonas Belizaire, says Jovenel Moise and Michel Martelly are drug dealers, murderers, thugs & thieves. Why is the West keeping them in office? https://youtu.be/Gdf5DNC3E3o 

Èzili Dantò Note:

For eight days now, there’s been constant protests by Haiti’s ordinary freedom fighters to stop their enslavement.

Last night, the puppet president, Jovenel Moise, addressed the nation. And as bold in depravity as the Western ambassadors propping him up, he straight-faced lied. The ludicrous scumbag said in his speech that he won’t relinquish power to drug dealers. This is beyond brazen and unintelligent. Millions of Haitians are in the streets due to the unbroken agony of Clorox hunger, burning inflation, government illegitimacy, corruption, embezzlement and thievery of Haiti resources by rich Westerners who continue to enrich themselves through illicit deals made through drug dealers like the incriminated drug money laundering Jovenel Moise. But the psycho, in his nice suit, is reading the CORE Group of ambassadors script as if it makes sense! Where are the judges at the International Criminal Court?

In response to Jovenel’s speech, Jonas Belizaire, a former government enforcer turned whistleblower, published a live video giving an eyewitness account of the Legal Bandits’ crimes, including details about their drug deals, extortion, and assassinations.

Folks, the fake news media, both from the Left and Right, will make as if they don’t hear this. I’ve been writing for HLLN/FreeHaiti telling the world how the Western-supported Haiti lackeys the Demonrats and Republicans celebrate are murderers and drug dealers who where put into office in rigged elections. But the fake news media hardly ever echoes our Haiti reality. I wonder how they’ll ignore this?

Listen to the video. This guy speaks both in English and Kreyòl. Yikes, check it. He explains:

“…(President) Jovenel Moise is a drug dealer. I need to say that in English for any government, for the U.S. government listening to me. The reason I quit the Haitian government is because they are doing drugs, okay. Listen, (…) Daniel is Jovenel’s boss. He was killed by Michel Martelly’s in-law (Kiko Saint-Rémy). They put him in a helicopter, they put bricks on his feet and dropped him in La Gonave in the middle of the ocean, in La Gonave…Jovenel is a drug dealer, he was never an investor.”

Jonas Belizaire explains he was an eyewitness. He says he used to eat at the table at Hotel Caribe with them when they were making their deals. He explains a few occasions where he was assigned as an enforcer to do dirty work for the corrupt governments’ “Legal Bandits” which the people are in the streets, right now, demanding resign. Unfortunately for civilization, a Core Group of Western ambassadors from the U.S., OAS, European Union, United Nations, France, Canada, Spain and Germany, use the monies, medias, diplomatic and military assets of their rich countries, to clobber the hungry Haitian population demanding a better life. They aid and abet the drug dealers and murderers to continue in office in Haiti to commit more massacres, more embezzlements and crimes against humanity.. This video testimony tells all ….  Haiti Whistleblower Says Jovenel Moise, Michel Martelly are Drug Dealers and Murderers


The crimes against humanity and war criminals of Haiti persecuting the poor and keeping corruption in office are called the “CORE Group.” They are ambassadors from Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, United States, European Union, OAS and the U.N. @IntlCrimCourt #FreeHaiti

Here’s the Èzili analysis of current Haiti situation you won’t get from the shamestream colonial medias.



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