Venezuela Newslinks 26-27 February 2019

27 February 2019 17:45 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Bombshell! Trump Era Over As Legalienate’s Editors Proclaim Themselves “Rightful Democratic Rulers” of U.S.

The War on Venezuela

Venezuelan oil company calls on US to cooperate with other states for oil market stability

In Washington, Regime Change is Truly and Urgently Needed!

This 1995 Noam Chomsky Quote Prophetically Defined Today’s News Media

Venezuela coverage takes us back to Golden Age of lying about Latin America

Russian Security Council warns of immanent U.S. Military intervention in Venezuela

US Sanctions Four Venezuelan Governors as Lima Group Nixes Military Action

Russian upper house calls on UN to condemn attempts of meddling in Venezuela’s affairs

Trump Creates a Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela While a Real One is Right Here in Our Schools

Lavrov blasts US attempts to create pretext for military intervention in Venezuela

Meet Juan Guaido’s First Ambassador, Fake Twitter Diplomat Slammed by Costa Rica for ‘Unacceptable Entry’

Russia’s UN envoy urges US to stop force-feeding ‘aid’ to Venezuela

US amendments ‘killed’ Russia’s draft UN statement on Venezuela — diplomat

Mike Pence: Orchestrator of the Venezuelan Coup. The Invasion Option Is On The Table

And the Oscar Goes to White Helmets: Covert Jackals Propagandized as Saviors

Pence threatens war in Venezuela at Colombia summit: “There is no turning back”. But some allies balk.

Russia ready to mediate Venezuela crisis — UN envoy

Sanders throws his support behind US propaganda campaign over Venezuela

US to submit its draft Venezuela resolution to UN Security Council this week — envoy

Juan Tokatlian: “We are a region adrift in global affairs”.

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