A very brief lesson in how power works

6 March 2019 — Jonathan Cook

What the left wants to talk about:

  • How we change our societies to make them fairer, more transparent and more caring.
  • How we tackle impending climate catastrophe through some kind of Green New Deal.
  • How we conduct a truly ethical foreign policy that doesn’t give powerful western states the right to invade weaker states, or steal their resources.
  • How we end the influence of the military-industrial complex in fuelling endless wars in which millions are killed or made homeless.

What the left ends up talking about:

  • Whether the UK’s Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a secret anti-semite.
  • Whether Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a rapist or a bail fugitive.
  • Whether Bernie Sanders is a misogynist.
  • Whether Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro is an evil dictator trying to starve his people to keep himself in power.
  • Whether Vladimir Putin of Russia is a fiendish puppet-master controlling the west.

That’s how power works.

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