Venezuela Newslinks 10-11 March 2019

11 March 2019 19:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Marco Rubio’s attempt to recover from a humiliating Twitter gaffe isn’t fooling anyone

Venezuela partially opens border with Colombia

From “humanitarian aid” to a nationwide blackout: what next for Trump’s coup in Venezuela?

“Lights Out!” Did Trump and His Neocons Recycle Bush-Era Plan to Knock Out Venezuela’s Power Grid?

The Grooming of Juan Guaido, Pawn for US Economic Interests in Venezuela

Europe ignores Venezuela’s requests for purchase of food and medicine, says envoy

Selected Articles: Venezuela. Hands Off!

Venezuela ready to purchase food, medicine from Russia

Is the Trump Administration Reckless Enough to Turn the Cold War With Iran Into a Hot One?

Selected Articles: Venezuela. Hands Off!

Venezuela: Roundup – 2- US presses India to stop buying oil from Venezuela: Imperial Economic War intensifies

Blackouts continue to plague Caracas

Diosdado Cabello: Those Who Ordered the Sabotage of the Power Grid are Genocidal Criminals

Venezuelan Social Movements Appeal to the World to Condemn US Crimes Against Humanity

Residential areas of Caracas once again hit by power outage

The US Must Grow Up And Respect Iranian Independence

Claims that Venezuelan military burned aid truck exposed as imperialist propaganda

Venezuela gradually restoring electricity

Venezuela – Guaidó Planned To Use Arms – Frustration Over Stalemate Sets In

Lima Group blames Venezuela’s president for nationwide blackout

Maduro’s claim that Washington has used cyberwarfare to bring down Venezuela’s power grid cannot be so easily dismissed

Venezuela Suffers Major Power Outages After Alleged Cyber Attack

Refugees from Venezuela continue to arrive in Brazil despite closed border – TV

Today’s Links

Venezuela: Public Disbelief that the US Is “Spreading Democracy”. Weaponizing “Fake News”

Venezuela Newslinks 10 March 2019

Venezuela’s Civilian-Military Union and the White Supremacist American 17th Century Pilgrims

Black Alliance for Peace Heads to Venezuela

International Observers to Venezuela’s Election Pen Letter to the EU

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