Selected Articles: Venezuela. Hands Off!

11 March 2019 — Global Research

Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela More Serious than First Believed

By Stephen Lendman, March 11, 2019

On Thursday, Venezuela’s Guri dam hydroelectric power plant was cyberattacked at 5:00 PM during the late afternoon rush hour to cause maximum disruption.

We Are Being Lied into War Again

By Lee Camp, March 11, 2019

The mainstream media and nearly the entirety of the U.S. government tell us Juan Guaido is the “interim president,” even though he was never elected to that position and the current president is still leading the Venezuelan government and military.

NYT Denies that Venezuela Burned Aid Convoy

By Prensa Latina, March 11, 2019

An exclusive video quoted by The New York Times contradicts the US statement that the Venezuelan government set fire to an aid convoy last month on the border with Colombia.

US Is Pushing Venezuela to the Brink by Attacking Its Power Grid

By Andrew Korybko, March 11, 2019

The Hybrid War on Venezuela just took a dark turn – literally – after the US used cyber weapons and insider sabotage to attack the country’s power grid last week, cutting off most of its electricity and creating a chain reaction of negative consequences all throughout the Bolivarian Republic.

Venezuela: Public Disbelief that the US Is “Spreading Democracy”. Weaponizing “Fake News”

By Helen Buyniski, March 10, 2019

Lazy propaganda is largely to blame for the lapse in narrative superiority. The same tawdry psy-ops are recycled again and again, as we see now in Venezuela, where Iran-Contra felon and smirking genocide enthusiast Elliott Abrams has been wheeled out of cold storage to work his death-squad magic on a population we’ve already tried and failed to hypnotize with the promises of neoliberalism.

Venezuela’s Civilian-Military Union and the White Supremacist American 17th Century Pilgrims

By Arnold August, March 10, 2019

The nemesis which the US is facing started – in the current period – on February 23rd on the Venezuelan border with Colombia. The US attempt to promote a mutiny among the military and a revolt within the people against Maduro in favour of the US hand -picked and self-proclaimed “president” failed miserably.

Corporate Media “Presstitutes” Turn Blind Eye to UN Report on Venezuela

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, March 09, 2019

Don’t you think it is a bit much for Washington to steal $21 billion of Venezuela’s money, impose sanctions in an effort to destabilize the country and to drive the Venezuelan government to its knees, blame Venezuelan socialism (essentially nationalization of the oil company) for bringing “starvation to the people,” and offer a measly $21 million in “humanitarian aid.”

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