Venezuela Newslinks 6 May 2019

6 May 2019 22:30 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Jorge Arreaza: “Where Does the UN Charter State that a Unilateral War May be Legal?”

How GMO Seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s “RoundUp” are Driving US Policy in Venezuela

The Atlantic Illustrates Everything That’s Wrong With Media Coverage of Venezuela Sanctions

A first-hand account from a commune in Venezuela: Striving for food sovereignty

Venezuela: Blatant Violation, by U.S. & Its Allies, Against the U.N. Charter

Bid to overthrow Maduro’s govt was CIA & opposition joint plan – Venezuelan FM

Today’s Links

US State Department Publishes, then Deletes Sadistic Venezuela Hit List Boasting of Economic Ruin

MISSING: Guaido now in hiding ADMITS COUP A FAILURE, blames military’s loyalty to Maduro

US State Department Publishes, Then Deletes Sadistic Venezuela Hit List Boasting of Economic Ruin

Venezuela’s top diplomat says CIA behind attempts to overthrow Maduro’s government

Activists Defy Right-wing Siege at Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC

Venezuela’s assets worth more than $5 bln frozen on foreign accounts — foreign minister

Venezuela’s government cannot decide on Guaido’s arrest, says top diplomat

Group of Russian military specialists in Venezuela may be enlarged, says foreign minister

Top Venezuelan diplomat calls events in his country new stage in fight for its resources

Is There a Path Out of Ratcheting Mid-East and Geo-Strategic Tensions?<

Lavrov slams US actions towards Venezuela ahead of Pompeo talks

Failed Coup in Venezuela Intensifies Battle at Embassy in Washington

Lavrov to talk with Pompeo on sidelines of Arctic Council session in Finland on Monday

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

Jorge Arreaza: US Interventionism is a Historic Anachronism Affecting Latin America

On Venezuela, Tucker Airs Anti-Trump Ideas While Maddow Wants John Bolton To Be More Hawkish

Press Conference: Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela

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