Iran Newslinks 18-19 May 2019

19 May 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

Trump-Bolton Aggression Against Iran Contained by Russia, Japan, China, and EU

Iran and Why It Would be Insane for America to Go to War There

Analysis: There Is Little Hope that Europe Will Stand in the Way of a US War with Iran

“The Doomsday Forum”: Senior Military, Nuclear Weapons Officials Convene… America’s “$1 Trillion Nuclear Weapons Plan”. Take out Russia, Iran and North Korea?

Iran wants peace but not ‘afraid’ of war – Revolutionary Guards chief

Fire the Nutcases Leading Us to War

Venezuela Exposes the Myth of John Bolton’s “Genius”

Iran not seeking war, but is not afraid of it, elite force’s commander says

The Treasury Department and Moves Towards War on Iran

The Dead Don’t Die: They March to War

Trump Is Being Set-up for War with Iran

Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin: Threat of War with Iran + Anti-War Resistance?

Resistance report – US threats against Tehran will never break the Islamic Republic

No, There Won’t Be A War With Iran, But Rather A Slow-Motion Strangling

Freedom Rider: U.S. Wages War Against the World

Risk of Open Warfare? What Makes Iran Look Like an Immediate Threat

US’ Constant Psy-Ops

Iran Newslinks 17-18 May 2019

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