COLDTYPE Issue 185 JUNE 2019 – is now on line

31 May 2019 — COLDTYPE

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BIG READ SPECIAL: Two Big Reads are the highlights of this 56-page issue. In the first, Rian Malan tells how a black youth In South Africa fell to his death from a pick-up truck after being caught stealing sunflower seeds. Was he murdered or did two white farmhands murder him? The riots and trial that followed illuminate the racial tensions still divide the country 30 years after the end of apartheid. Our second long read is an excerpt from Philip Kraske’s fast-moving political thriller, 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bonsai Trees. Other stories in this issue include Caitlin Johnstone on a crazy plan to move millions of people to live in space, Vijay Prashad on John Bolton, Rui Diamint on Argentina’s ‘dirty war’, Mark Curtis on the spreading tentacles of terror, Carmen O’Toole on local journalism, Antonia Zerbisias on the war on women, Tony Sutton on sun, sea, sand and donkeys, CJ Hopkins on Putin-Nazis, and more.

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