China Newslinks 7 June 2019

7 June 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day

US belief that China wants military bases in Arctic ‘totally baseless’ – Beijing’s envoy to Moscow

Putin: Moscow, Beijing agree on building several more Russia-designed nuclear power units

Washington’s Duplicitous Approach to Russia and Crimea and It’s Unintended Consequences

US Navy calls Russian military’s actions in East China Sea ‘unprofessional’

Russia-China: a Strategic Alliance for the 21st Century

President Putin’s Meeting With Heads of International News Agencies

President Putin’s Meeting With RDIF International Advisory Board and International Investment Community Leaders

US cruiser impeded Russian warship’s passage in East China Sea

China’s Hainan ready to employ young Russian specialists

No Peace Allowed in Afghanistan

Chinese Students Might be the “Trade War’s” First Civilian Causalities

China’s Xi awarded Dr. h.c. degree of St. Petersburg State University

Five reasons the car industry is struggling

Logistic hub to assort cargos for China to be built in Moscow region

The Navy vs. John Bolton: The Pentagon is spoiling for a fight — but with China, not Iran

Nicolas Sarkozy attends meeting with Putin and members of Russian investment fund

Russia’s Rosseti, China Energy to jointly develop electrical grids in third countries

Central Bankers Worldwide Rush to Cut Rates (+ audio interview on my ‘Central Bankers’ book)

China, EAEU member-states sign agreement on customs data exchange

Chinese enterprises plan to invest $583.52 mln in projects in Tula, says governor

In Major Provocation to China, US Prepares to Sell Over $2 Billion in Weapons to Taiwan

Russia, China can make new crude benchmark

From Tiananmen to Nicaragua: The Same Lies, the Same Result

The Truth Behind the Myth of the ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’

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