Venezuela News Links 15 July 2019

16 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

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President Manuel Zelaya: The US-backed Coup d’etat Turned Honduras Into Hell + Honduras Now Ruled By A Criminal Gang

War by Other Means: Understanding and Challenging U.S. Sanctions Policies

There’s Far More Diversity in Venezuela’s ‘Muzzled’ Media Than in US Corporate Press

Venezuela: inflation slows down – but there’s no cause to celebrate

Three Experiences, One Force, One Transforming Project

An Affective Picture of Chavismo Part XIII: Besieged Fortress

Venezuela: While the Government Denounces and the Opposition Wavers, Dialogue Continues

Venezuela News Links 13-14 July 2019

‘Weaponizing Human Rights’: UN Chief Bachelet’s Venezuela Report Follows US Regime Change Script

Guaido Security Arrested for Selling Stolen Venezuelan Army Weapons

Some Reflections on the United States and China

Why are Anti-Migrant Arguments in the E.U., U.S. Pure Hypocrisy?

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