Venezuela News Links 16 July 2019

16 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

Venezuelan government, opposition resume talks in Barbados
The Venezuelan government and the opposition are resuming talks aimed at ending the political crisis in their country, the country’s information …

EU is Preparing for More Venezuela Sanctions | Voice of America – English
BRUSSELS – The European Union is preparing to impose more sanctions on Venezuela targeting officials who are accused of being involved in …

Counterpoint: Bernie Sanders, Anti-Imperialism, and Venezuela
Sanders, however, has never embraced the Venezuelan government — either under former President Hugo Chavez or now under President Nicolas …

Weary of Sanctions, Venezuela Mulls Using Russian Payment System
Venezuela’s government is studying the possibility of switching to a Russian-operated international payments messaging system as an alternative to …

Will Trump let Chevron stay in Venezuela?
WASHINGTON (AP) — Chevron was nearly booted from Venezuela in 2007 during a nationalization drive led by the late socialist President Hugo …

Venezuelan migrants take arepas to new lands amid crisis
BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Venezuelans like to jest that their beloved arepas are so widely consumed that babies come out of the womb with the corn …

UN Report Accuses Venezuela’s Special Forces of 1000s of Extrajudicial Killings
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is rejecting the findings of a recent U.N. report in which human rights chief Michelle Bachelet accuses special …

Will China stand in the way of peace in Venezuela?
But is it being optimistic in thinking it can bring about change in Venezuela? After all, it isn’t simply a case of getting Maduro and Guaido to agree to a …

Anti-Americanism, Venezuelan Style
Though there have been conflicting reports in recent weeks about U.S. President Donald Trump’s degree of interest in Venezuela, the question of how …

Liberals using “Human Rights” to Push Coup in Venezuela
Overseen by former social democratic Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, the report paints Venezuelansecurity forces as extremely violent and the …

Venezuela’s National Assembly
Under the leadership of interim President Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly of Venezuela, the country’s sole remaining democratic institution, …

Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on Venezuela
The EU issued a declaration on the latest developments on Venezuela.

Venezuela: inflation slows down
This last estimate for June contrasts with the price increase in January, recorded at 196.6 percent, according to the Venezuelan Central Bank (BCV).

Liberals Use ‘Human Rights’ to Push Coup in Venezuela

Liberals Using “Human Rights” to Push Coup in Venezuela

Venezuela News Links 15 July 2019

Trump Risks China-Taiwan Conflict for Leverage in Trade War

Russia supports urgent crisis withdrawal by sides in Venezuela — top diplomat

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