Mad King Boris News Links 26-27 July 2019

27 July 2019 — The New Dark Age

Boris Johnson plans high speed Northern line to ‘turbo charge’ Richard Branson

Free speech advocate Jacob Rees-Mogg is literally banning his staff using certain words

Boris Johnson rules out a snap election. Here’s the evidence that suggests otherwise.

No-deal Brexit ‘threatens’ UK science industry, says Wellcome Trust

BOJO the Clown is No Churchill: Even Caligula Looks Better

Tory councillor calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be hanged as bogus anti-Semitism campaign intensifies By Robert Stevens

New British Prime Minister Faced with Two Major Challenges: Brexit and Iran

Trump: US and UK working on ‘very substantial’ trade deal

Boris Johnson Sad Reality: The UK Now “BIGGEST” Joke of All!

Jeremy Corbyn: No-deal Brexit would put NHS in danger

Today’s Links 26 July 2019

Britain’s New Government: Where Do Boris Johnson’s Ministers Stand on the Middle East?

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