Cuba: In Test Phase Vaccine That Activates Innate Immune System

22 April 2020 — Telesur

So far, the vaccine has proven effective in people confirmed with the COVID-19 virus.

The Cuban vaccine CIGB 2020 Immunopotentiator has entered the testing phase on the island to prove its effectiveness in the treatment of people infected with COVID-19.

According to Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), the vaccine strengthens people’s innate immunity.

Its application is nasal and sublingual. So far, it has proven effective in people confirmed with the disease, preventing the patient from reaching more serious stages.

“The Cuban vaccine, developed by the CIGB, helps reduce the risk of infectious agents entering the human body,” teleSUR correspondent in Havana, Nayara Tardo, said on her Twitter account.

En fase de prueba vacuna cubana que fortalece la inmunidad innata. Nombrado Inmunopotenciador CIGB 2020, el fármaco es de aplicación nasal y sublingual, y ha probado ser efectivo en personas confirmadas con la enfermedad.#CubaSalva #CubaPorLaSalud

— Misión Médica Cubana en el Estado Barinas (@cubacooperaveBA)

April 22, 2020

“Cuban vaccine that strengthens innate immunity is in the testing phase. Named CIGB 2020 Immunopotentiator, the drug is applied nasally and sublingually, and has proven to be effective in people confirmed with the disease.”

According to the country’s health authorities, the use of this drug aims to reduce the highest curve of the disease in the country, expected for the first half of May.

The drug, which is in the clinical trial phase, “stimulates the person’s immunity at the local level, where the virus enters the body,” Finlay Vaccine Institute Director General Vicente Vérez Ben told the local press.

The CIGB 2020 Immunopotentiator activates the innate immune system related to viruses in the body, added the director of Biomedical Research at the CIGB Gerardo Guillén Nieto.

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