Wikipedia: Information Wars

11 April 2020 — Craig Murray

Long term readers will recall the Philip Cross Affair. A Wikipedia Editor named “Philip Cross” was relentlessly conducting a propaganda operation. It had two prongs; the first was continually to denigrate the Wikipedia entry of all public figures who opposed military intervention in the Middle East, removing positive information and adding mainstream media slurs in real time as they were made. The second and less noted prong was to big up the Wikpedia entries of right wing mainstream media figures, removing negative information and adding a positive spin.

Wikipedia eventually banned “Philip Cross” from making edits related to UK political figures.

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The US economy before the virus struck

12 April 2020 — theplanningmotivedotcom

The purpose of this article is to determine the health of the US economy before it sickened from the virus. Why is this important? It is importance lies in this; the impact of the lockdown on the future of the US economy will be mediated by the state of the economy prior to the pandemic. A robust economy will exit this lockdown in better shape than will a non-robust economy.


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