Covid19 Death Figures “A Substantial Over-Estimate”

5 April 2020 — Off Guardian

Bizarre guidelines from health authorities around the world are potentially including thousands of deceased patients who were never even tested

Kit Knightly

A few weeks ago we reported that, according to the Italian Institute of Health (ISS), only 12% of Italy’s reported Covid19 deaths actually listed Covid19 as the cause of death.

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CoVid19 – Can Britain avert the coming catastrophe

5 April 2020 — True Publica

By TruePublica Editor: The Boris Johnson government have clearly demonstrated they are not the people to run the country in a crisis. Their refusal to partake in an EU procurement programme for desperately needed life-saving medical equipment is a last-gasp expression of their tribalism in a situation which demanded so much more. It shone a light on exactly who they are and they failed us all in our time of need. The reality was that they made the wrong decisions and then lied about it. Now the cover-ups begin.

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Western media unlocked: Hypocrisy behind COVID-19 reports

4 April 2020 —

Why did apparently stigmatizing names like Chinese virus or Wuhan virus keep making headlines? How have the Western media shaped the narrative of China’s response to the novel coronavirus? As the virus continues to wreck havoc, China Daily investigates how the Western version of propaganda plays out in the global battle against coronavirus.

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Why coronavirus could spark a capitalist supernova

31 March 2020 — Open Democracy

There is no magic money tree – the ‘rescue packages’ aim to rescue a rotten system, and won’t work.

“Global yields lowest in 500 years of recorded history. $10 trillion of negative rate bonds. This is a supernova that will explode one day,” tweeted Bill Gross, the ‘bond king’, in 2016.

This day has come closer. Capitalism now faces the deepest crisis in its several centuries of existence. A global slump has begun that is already devastating the lives of hundreds of millions of working people on all continents. The consequences for workers and poor people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America will be even more extreme than for those living in Europe and North America, both with respect to lives lost to coronavirus and to the existential threats to the billions of people already living in extreme poverty. Capitalism, an economic system based on selfishness, greed and dog-eat-dog competition, will more clearly than ever reveal itself to be incompatible with civilisation.

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