REVEALED: UK Ministers Knew Crisis Had Peaked Before Lockdown, But Panicked Anyway

20 April 2020 — 21st Century Wire

IMAGE: Britain’s caretaker Prime Minister, Dominic Raab at Downing Street’s daily crisis briefing.

Since March, 21WIRE has consistently said draconian lockdown measures being pushed by countries like the UK, France, US and Canada – were ill-informed and not at all necessary in order to ‘contain’ the coronavirus. Moreover, we have consistently stated across many media platforms that these were not science-based decisions either, but rather political decisions taken by government officials as part of a mass-panic, alongside a parallel roll-out of a broader authoritarian agenda. For this, our publication and its contributors were attacked and marginalised by other media outlets and pundits who insisted this was a ‘conspiracy theory’ and that we should accept the government’s rationale for unprecedented lockdown policies and the suspension of democracy and civil liberties. However, since then, a number of eminent experts have emerged who are also saying the same thing we were over the duration of this crisis.

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The inevitable erosion of our civil liberty after the COVID-19 crisis

20 April 2020 — True Publica

The inevitable erosion of our civil liberty after the COVID-19 crisis

It was only one month ago that Big Brother Watch, the Civil liberties group warned that the Coronavirus Bill contained the “most draconian powers in peacetime Britain” and urged close scrutiny from Parliamentarians. It was ushered through and became an Act of Parliament without scrutiny or protest. If the COVID-19 crisis vanished tomorrow the Act still empowers police, immigration officers and public health officials to demand documentation; detain and isolate members of the public potentially indefinitely, including children; and forcibly take biological samples for testing. It permits prohibition of public events and gatherings without standard protections for strikes and industrial action that exist in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. And it weakens safeguards on the exercise of mass surveillance powers by quadrupling time review limits for urgent warrants.

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Covid-19: Neil Ferguson, the Liberal Lyssenko

20 April 2020 — Voltaire Network

by Thierry Meyssan

In the past, European political leaders yielded to the orders of their astrologers. Today, they refer to them identically to the statisticians of the Imperial College. In the past, the latter have provided them as much justification as they needed for their liberal hospital policy. Today, they predict millions of deaths without any scientific rigour. Thierry Meyssan reveals how these charlatans have taken control of the policies of the European Union, the United Kingdom and certain states of the United States.
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Thinking Errors and the Coronavirus

19 April 2020 — Off Guardian

Martin Cohen

“The end of everything we call life is at hand and cannot be evaded”
H. G. Wells (1946)

The coronavirus doesn’t just make individual people ill – it threatens the whole of society too. Measures used to control the virus destroy people’s livelihoods, trample basic freedoms and, if prolonged, could eventually bring about wholesale societal collapse.

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