Searching for Socialism & Rent Strikes

3 June 2020 — The New Dark Age

[Here’s your chance to have your say on the future of the Labour Party by registering to take part in a Webinar organised by Momentum.  WB]

The left’s ideas and organising power are going to be crucial in the coming years. Two events this week – one on socialist history and one on winning tenants’ rights – will help us understand our movement’s roots and skill up for the struggles ahead.

Searching for Socialism is a fortnightly webinar from The World Transformed on the history of socialists within and outside the Labour Party with Leo Panitch. This week, Leo’s joined by Jon Trickett to discuss New Labour’s path to power & the left’s response. Join the call this Thursday at 8pm – sign up now!

Join the call at 8pm tomorrow night!

Register for the call

Then, next week we’ll be talking to activists and campaigners about how to organise and win campaigns on rent and tenants’ rights, given the UK’s staggering housing inequality and the economic fallout of coronavirus. Join the call on Tuesday at 7:30pm – sign up here!

Join the call at 7:30pm on Tuesday!

Register for the call

See you there – and don’t forget to register!

In solidarity,

Team Momentum

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