ColdType July (Issue 209) is now online

1 July 2020 — ColdType

You can read this issue at or at


  • THE GREAT PURGE – We’ve got a major excerpt from Greg Palast’s explosive new book, How Trump Stole 2020, in which the top investigative reporter details how manipulation of voter eligibility rules may rob millions of young, poor and minority Americans of their vote in the November presidential election.

  • Other top stories include Joe Allen’s travel adventure that took him from the heights of Cascadia to the sordid depths of pop sorcery – all without leaving California; Conn Hallinan on the West’s latest descent into nuclear warmongering; and Kerrie Davies & Willa McDonald’sdelightful tale of the journalists who created the legend of Aussie bank robber Ned Kelly.

  • We’ve also got stories on Martin Luther King Jr, Chernobyl, the climate crisis, Pres. Trump’s latest offensive against Cuba, monument toppling, government deception, and much more.

  • Contributors include Jonathan Cook, Trevor Grundy, Linda McQuaig, Andrew Bacevich, George Galloway, John W. Whitehead, Andrew Fischer, David Cromwell, George Monbiot, Nate Robert, and Medea Benjamin & Leonardo Flores.


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