Shoots Down Covid19 Myths Front-line doctor attacks media, questions need for vaccine, before interview cut short

21 August 2020 — Off Guardian

A doctor being interviewed on Spanish television clearly went off-script and used his air time to fact-check the press, contradict the fear porn and question the need for a vaccine.

In peculiarly affirming spectacle Dr Luis de Benito, from the El Escorial Hospital in Madrid, had scathing words for the media’s coverage of the Covid19 pandemic, and a reassuring message for those of us afraid the entire medical establishment had lost its collective mind.

After he questioned official statistics, said fear was being deliberate inculcated and suggested a vaccine would not be necessary the interview turned overtly confrontational and was cut short by the studio.

Here are some choice quotes. On the surge of new cases:

The data can deceive and confuse us. In health centres we administer only PCR tests so we will find many positives […] we classify these positive tests as “Covid19” […] we are creating confusion by announcing “Covid19 cases are increasing!”, but in fact that is not true […] at the moment we see an increase in cases, but that is only because of an increase in testing.”

On the need for a vaccine:

Well, of course it’s always profitable to talk about a vaccine, especially after having inculcated the fear to believe it is necessary.”

On media-backed hysteria:

The first thing we need to vaccinate against is fear because of all the social panic we have created. We doctors are perplexed by this.”

On the planned second lockdown:

Measures have been put in place to confine everyone in September by making them believe they have behaved irresponsibly over the summer […] It’s more profitable for people not receive care […] strategically it works, but we [health care workers] don’t believe it’s right or practical from a medical point of view.”

Our thanks to the people who sent this video to us on social media, and YouTuber Ivor Cummins for uploading and translating it.

One thought on “Shoots Down Covid19 Myths Front-line doctor attacks media, questions need for vaccine, before interview cut short

  1. EdMahn says:

    The Covid-19 plandemic was kicked off at Johns Hopkins Uni in Oct 2019 at the Agenda 201 event.
    Everything I’ve read on this WHO sponsored Joke is ridiculous. There are active right now 50 disease states killing more people than the Covid drama. Even suicides out pace covid-19!!
    The simple fact is , Covid is a Generated Fiction covering the Financial Melt down of Global Banking. Even B4 the Covid Fairy tale kicked off the NY Fed had pumped 9T dollars into tanking derivatives. Coming off the back of the 2008 GFC which has cost Tax Payers well over 27T dollars this current round of bail outs disguised as Covid will Tank all Global Economies. Not just my thoughts on the matter, but actual facts. The entire Covid picture is 100% total nonsense.
    Millions of people die every year from disease, yet never in Global History have people been mass imprisoned into their own Homes!! Where have the millions of Homeless people been locked up?
    They haven’t. That’s the true joke of this entire picture. This Virus is ”SO” dangerous that millions that can still attend work sites but cannot attend social venues????? This picture is so screwed up I don’t know whether to cry or laugh? The World earns billions in Taxes from Booze and smokes so those outlets remain open for business but you can’t get a haircut??(cash Industry!!)
    You can buy food but cannot see a dentist who already wears a mask and has done since year dot.
    This Epic Goon Wheel of Fortune is sadly worse than a Nightmare. Since when did the aged and young stop Dying?? Even babies have been dying in larger numbers since the Age of Vaccines commenced. Tax payers not the Big Pharma Giants are paying out billions in compensations all across the US alone. Why are Tax payers forking out for Private Industry errors??
    No Healthy person will die from a virus unless deprived of good nutrition. Example – in the last World War 7x more people died After the war than during it. People starved in the millions and died of diseases in the millions. Bodies laid rotting in streets and bombed out building for years until fully decomposed along with millions of animals.(over 6 million horses alone!!)
    Once all the Covid Holiday hand outs dry up, this post Covid world aka the New Normal will tank 10x worse than the Aug 2029 recession. The debt levels today are unbelievable.
    Nothing gets paid off. Debt is paying debt. The cash printing machines are in the Red zone at Warp Speed. The dollar today is now worth just 5 cents of its 1900 value. Soon it’ll be a leaf for the daily movement in the bathroom. The entire FIAT system is Kaput. There will be no New Normal in a lifestyle sense, just 100% extreme poverty for the millions that are up to their eyeballs swimming in Pools of Phantom wealth.


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