WATCH: The Jab – How the WHO Faked a Pandemic to Sell Vaccines

31 August 2020 — Off Guardian

In 2009 the W.H.O changed their definition of “pandemic” in order to create an artificial panic and sell billions of doses of untested flu vaccines, ruining at least 1300 young lives.

This brilliant short video from the Children’s Health Defense concisely summarises the corrupt tragedy of the H1N1 vaccine, and how that situation should serve as a warning to the whole world today.

A brief summary:

  • Governments all over the world sign “sleeping contracts” with pharmaceutical firms to buy flu vaccines in the event of a pandemic.
  • In 2009 the World Health Organization changed its official definition of “pandemic” to a much looser one (with no requirement for anyone to have died).
  • Just weeks later they declared the H1N1 flu a “pandemic”, despite minuscule numbers of deaths
  • This triggered sleeping contracts worth billions.
  • Governments were legally obliged to buy up and distribute untested flu vaccines.
  • The vaccines caused serious, life-long side effects in over 1300 children.
  • Legal immunity meant no pharmaceutical firm paid any compensation, instead reparations were paid by taxpayers
  • Many of the scientists who advised the WHO declare a pandemic were later revealed to have financial interests in vaccine manufacturers.

This shocking recent history has been totally memory-holed in the mainstream, but serves as a dress rehearsal for our current “crisis”. Watch the video, share it widely. It has, quite obviously, never been more important or more relevant.

Many thanks to the subscriber who brought this to our attention. It’s great to have readers who are always on the ball, makes our job so much easier.

2 thoughts on “WATCH: The Jab – How the WHO Faked a Pandemic to Sell Vaccines

  1. crisscross767 says:

    COVID-19 = Certificate of Vaccination Identifcation and the 19 means AI.

    “The vaccines will have malaria in them as the illness mimics the so called issues with the phoney Covid! Covid actually stands for Certificate of Vaccination Identifcation and the 19 means AI. The globalists are planning to depopulate the world of 80% of its inhabitants. They are winning this war because the media have dumbed down large proportions of society to the point they will acquiesce and allow themselves to be used. The malaria leads to breathing difficulties, low immunity etc. and that and the planned activation of 5G towers near you irradiating your home with the wi-fi you have installed, all add up to a slow painful death … and it will all be blamed on ‘Covid’!”

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  2. Julius Skoolafish says:

    Thank you William. Here is another video that there aren’t enough superlatives for …

    **Prof. Michel Chossudovsky:**

    *COVID-Gate, The Political Virus – *

    “it’s fraud – it’s corruption – it’s a lie”

    “When the lie becomes the truth there is no moving backwards … “

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