Bolivia News Links 27 October – 9 November 2020

9 November 2020 — The New Dark Age

Former president Evo Morales ends year-long exile and returns to Bolivia

Bolivia’s New Government Pledges to Implement Buen Vivir

La Paz: A Celebration of Social Movements, Indigenous, Miners and MAS Militants

The U.S. Ruling Class Aims To Use War To Regain Societal Stability

After “11 months of pain,” Bolivia returns to democracy

Under Threat from the Coupist Right but with Great Popular Support, Luis Arce Assumes the Presidency of Bolivia

After “11 Months of Pain,” Bolivia Returns to Democracy

The American Way of Death

The Political Dimension of Indigenous Spirituality

MAS Denounces Explosion at Campaign Headquarters in La Paz

Arce Receives the Indigenous Staff of Command Before Assuming the Presidency of Bolivia

Calling this “our democracy” is like slaves referring to “our plantation”

Bolivia: A New MAS Government, Not More of the Same

Bolivia: A New MAS Government, Not More of the Same

Bolivia: Church, Violent Groups, Sects and Retired Military Conspire Against New Government

Talk Of Another Pink Tide

Blood on Their Hands: US Pandemic Policies Kill South America’s Neediest

Bolivia: The Failure of the Catholic and Evangelical Hierarchies at the Polls

The New Government of Bolivia Will Reestablish Relations with Venezuela

Survivors of Bolivia Coup Massacre Cry Out for Justice

Radical Neoliberalism Was Born And Will Die In Chile

Two Latin American Peoples’ Victories for Equality and Sovereignty

Bolivia: Luis Arce Calls for Peace and Condemns Attempts at Destabilization

Calling this “our Democracy” is like Slaves referring to “our Plantation”

Bolivian Trade Unions Demand Investigation into Orlando Gutiérrez’s Death

We Are That History That Is Discredited, but Which Reappears When You Least Expect It: The Forty-Fourth Newsletter (2020)

Resurgence of Socialism in Bolivia, by Yanis Iqbal

Ending Regime Change In Bolivia And The World

Resurgence of Socialism in Bolivia

Ending Regime Change in Bolivia and the World

The Beginning Of The End For U.S. Imperialism’s Grip Over Latin America

Bolivia’s Coup Regime Charged with Massacring Protesters as Morales Returns from Exile

Ending Regime Change—in Bolivia and the World

How Bolivia’s New Socialist Senator Resisted Coup Terror

“Democracy” vs. Covid:  A No-Go

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