Bolivians welcome Evo Morales with a massive rally

11 November 2020 — Peoples Dispatch

Morales’ return marked the defeat of the US-backed civic-military coup carried out against him a year ago that ousted him and forced him to leave his country amid escalation of threats to his physical integrity and safety

On November 9, thousands of Bolivians from across the country arrived in Villazón town, bordering Argentina, to receive former President Evo Morales and celebrate his return a year after the right-wing coup.

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Exceptional measures

11 November 2020 — Novara Media

Narzanin Massoumi argues that the ‘war on terror’ should serve as a warning against increased state powers in response to the Covid-19 crisis

Photo: JMacPherson (Creative Commons)

Since 2001, the ‘war on terror’ has seen a ratcheting up of powers available to police and intelligence agencies and a series of new Terrorism Acts. Counter-terrorism budgets have ballooned while other sectors have been devastated by austerity. The extraordinary nature of these measures means that they often bypass the standard legal principles of the regular criminal justice system.

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An Old Fable Retold

Marxists Internet ArchiveThe William Morris Internet Archive : Works

By William Morris

Justice, 19th January 1884, p. 2.

In the days before man had completely established his domination over the animal world, the poultry of a certain country, unnamed in my record, met in solemn conference in the largest hall they could hire for their money: the period was serious, for it was drawing near Christmas, and the question in debate partook of the gravity of the times; for, in short, various resolutions, the wording of which, has not come down to us were to be moved on the all important subject, `with what sauce shall we be eaten?’ Continue reading