UK plays leading role in legal threats against investigative journalists, new report says

2 November 2020 — Open Democracy

Across the world, journalists investigating financial crime are most likely to face international legal action by UK-based companies, according to new research.

Thomas Rowley

For investigative journalists working on corruption, the UK harbours the biggest legal threat. It is the origin of more legal action against journalists than any other, apart from their home countries, a new report by the Foreign Policy Centre says. Continue reading

A People’s Guide to Capitalism

5 November, 2020 — Climate & Capitalism

It’s not easy to explain Marx’s economics in a clear, straightforward and entertaining way. Nobody has done it better than Hadas Thier.

Michael Roberts is a UK-based Marxist economist. His most recent book is Engels 200: His Contribution to Political Economy

Hadas Thier
An Introduction to Marxist Economics

Haymarket Books, 2020

reviewed by Michael Roberts Continue reading